I want to live here

Housing estate EDEM-2 already includes good roads. On Cyprus they start building a house with that. The entrance to the area of the house will be comfortable and beautiful – it’s the entrance to paradise! The area of the complex provides several parking grounds for cars.

I want to live hereThe house will be built using the latest energy-saving technologies, so you will feel comfortable living here: in winter it is warm, in summer it is cool. And all this with no extra expenses! During the tour I shall tell you about those modern technologies.

Comfortable environment does not only mean a comfortable and modern house. Our residents will be surrounded by greenery in the direct sense: open terraces on both sides of the houses, exit to green lawns from the ground floor, unique «green roofs ». And the large botanical garden with pools will give a special charm to the house.

The basic advantage of the club house EDEN-2 is its special service. We shall offer a complete range of services with individual approach to each resident: from the round-the-clock concierge service to property management. Attention to all small things is what distinguishes a club house from usual housing estates. We shall provide security, comfort and rest of each resident (the house will be provided with a system of video cam supervision).

The managing company will take constant care of the good condition of the engineering, do reparation, landscape gardening, cleaning, will keep the garden and the swimming pools, conclude contracts for delivery of water and electricity, execute general management.

The infrastructure of our house features a sports ground equipped for those who love active leisure. Your children will have their own territory – two playgrounds for kids. We have taken into consideration our younger brothers – there is a ground for pets.

The administrative block of the club-house EDEM-2 features:

• sauna
• massage parlour
• fitness room
• swimming pool
• kids’ play room
• laundry
• reception (office services, office appliances, Internet and Wi-Fi, ticket booking, theatre ticket booking, taxi booking, car rent)
• office of the managing company
• coffee shop
• minimarket

Technologies of EDEM-2

This will be a unique housing estate for comfortable living and rest, completely corresponding to its name. Thanks to the use of the latest technologies, the high level of comfort will not require big expenses from you.

Advantages of the energy-saving construction technology

What does it give to client?
1.Energy-efficiency. During heating and cooling, energy and fuel for heating are saved up to 80%.
2. Sound proofing. A sound proof barrier is created, that reduces noise level to 40 dB.
3. High fire proofing. Walls have an inflammable structure, and are fireproof according to the rules DIN 4102.
4. Quakeproofing. Walls have a monolith structure and are very solid. The grade of deformation-proofing in case of earthquake or cyclone is 20 times higher than in a brick wall.
5. Ecological compatibility. Walls are made of recycled iron. Used polystyrene does not contain chlorofluorocarbons (ChFC).
6. Comfort. Your house is provided with climate control: in winter it is warm, in summer it is cool.

Solar panels

Solar panels from the company SOLARWATT are 5 inch thick and made using mono-crystalline technologies. The product successfully uses the energy of the most powerful source – the Sun – for generating and storing of electricity with its consequent use in living houses.

Advantages of the SOLARWATT system:
1. High energy-efficiency.
2. Small dimension.
3. Guarantee for product 5 years.
4. Guarantee of efficiency of use 25 years.
5. Homogeneity of produced electricity with fluctuations of only +/-3%.

Water treatment

г-н Harris I. Ioannides
Chemistry engineer, MBA

- Today, under conditions of climate changing and reducing of water reserves, water treatment, sewage treatment, drainage and recycling of sewage water are considered especially important problems. The company MEKEL LTD copes with this problem successfully, which is very important to our clients.
We shall offer an optimal solution for the treatment of domestic, rain and sewage water. Our company constantly improves its technical equipment. We strive for the efficiency of our projects from the point of view of economy and nature-friendliness. Our company has long-term experience in the field of water supply and water treatment projects.

Air condition devices gree — «three in one»

Basic advantages of the novelty from the company GREE:
1. Multi-function system «three in one »: air cooling, air heating, water heating (35-60?C).
2. High energy-efficiency. Economy – up to 30% of electricity.
3. Compact design.
4. Timer.
5. Silent functioning.
6. Simple manipulation.

Five advantages of the «green roof»

1. Executes the function of climate control in summer: humidifies air and creates freshness, reducing the heating of the building.
2. Filters 10-20% of dust in the air. Nitrates and other substances contained in the air and rain water are retained and drained away.
3. Makes sound reverberation 3 dB lower and improves sound-proofing of the roof to 8 dB.
4. Temperature drops are reduced, and roof validity gets longer.
5. A substitute for a ground of land. May be used as a “piece of nature”, and as a garden for relaxation and rest.

Walk in the botanical garden

Of course, the botanical garden is the “special thrill” of the club house EDEM-2. It will go down to the pools, surrounding them from all sides. Paths in the garden will be paved considering the special features of the landscape. Having the possibility to walk here every day, to admire unique plants of the Mediterranean, to breathe in the fragrance of exotic flowers – who will miss such happiness?! This will be the most beautiful place of the housing estate EDEN – 2.

Our garden will be really Mediterranean : suffused with the fragrance of rosemary, lavender and basil, with thick brushwood of olive and locust trees, with bright lawns of lanthanum near the blue mirror-like pool.

REFERENCE. Botanical garden — territory where plants of different continents and climatic zones are cultivated.
Area of the botanical garden in Edem-2 will be a bit more than 5 000 sq.m.

Ludmila Budanova, landscape architect

- Creating a picturesque garden is like painting a picture, where the ground is canvas, and the plants are colours. Living and working in Cyprus, I try to open to our clients the beauty and uniqueness of the local mediterranean flora. Our garden does not require much water or fertilizing. Using watering systems of the German company ECORAIN, we save up to 70 % of water, and introducing roof greenery, we open new possibilities of architecture in Cyprus. On every roof we shall create a small oasis of fanciful plants and flowers. Every window will offer a view to the exciting landscape situated upon the hills of the most picturesque district of Limassol – Agios Tychonas.

Watering systems of the company ecorain

For watering of lawns, flowers and bushes, growing upon special mats, water is brought directly to the roots of the plants, which means:
1) no evaporation of water
2) water is not blown away by the wind during sprinkling
3) root systems of plants and grass develop better
4) water is saved up to 70%, which plays a very important role in the conditions of Cyprus
5) watering systems of the company ECORAIN can be used for watering of ground roofs, both horizontal and very sloping, because special mats retain water even in inclined position.
6) for arranging of a ground roof, a thin layer of ground is sufficient, because the mat laid under this layer will provide the plants with a sufficient amount of water.

Swimming pools

The swimming pools of the club house EDEM-2 represent a complex of three pools of different dimension, situated in two levels. Total area – 270 sq. m.

The upper is built in the form of circumference, and the lower one has a V-shape. Between the upper and the lower pool there is an artificial island with original landscape decoration. The entrance to the pools is made as a sand beach, and has a gentle sloping till the depth of 2.3 metres. Around the pools there is a rest zone with a sand beach, sun beds and parasols.

The Company AQUA-MASTERS is one of the world’s leaders in using technologies of special Polyvinylchloride –membranes for hydro isolation of pools. The membranes are very solid, elastic, highly atmosphere- and ozone- proof, oxidation – and UV -radiation-proof. They are under 10-20 year warranty, approximate period of exploitation without reparation — up to 50 years.

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