Our partners

The company BRIANTEL HOLDINGS LIMITED holds tenders on a regular basis in order to thoroughly choose a partner to participate in its projects.

At present we are working with or considering the possible cooperation with the following companies:

1. Architect & Civil Engineer PETR URBANEK, Cyprus. A number of projects in Check Republic and Cyprus. Great experience of collaboration with Russian customers.

2. CARE TRANSENERGY LTD, Cyprus. Professionals in the field of green technologies. The company specializes in launching solar power utilizing projects, LED-lighting and other energy-efficient schemes. Renders project management services. Company’s slogan reads “Preparation for Tomorrow Begins Today!”. Web-site www.caretransenergy.com

3. Construction company ATLAS PANTOU Constructions, Cyprus (features a number of construction projects in Cyprus, widely uses modern building technologies). Web-site www.atlaspantou.com

4. The law firm DR. K. CHRYSOSTOMIDES & CO LLC, Cyprus. One of the largest Cyprus firms providing the services of lawyers and solicitors. A member of the world’s leading association of independent law firms LEX MUNDI, an exclusive member to WSG (World Services Group) and TELFA (Trans European Law Firms Alliance). Web-site www.chrysostomides.com.cy

5. The company GREE Electric Appliances, Inc., Hong Kong. The world’s largest producer of climatic equipment. Today every third air-conditioner in the world is made in GREE factories.

6. The company ASTRALPOOL, Cyprus. A leader in design and installation of swimming pools.

7. The company Οikosteges System, Greece. The leader in green roofs production in Greece.

8. GREEN FOREST NURSERY, Cyprus. Landscape design, botanical garden (the company has the largest nursery of saplings and plants in Cyprus).

9. Ludmila Budanova’s landscape design studio, Cyprus.

10. The company ECORAIN, Germany. Introduced the state-of-art efficient irrigation technology allowing to save up to 85% of water.

11. The company DIALYNAS, Greece. Design and installation of water purification systems. Web-site www.dialynas.com

12. The managing company TERRA SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY, Cyprus. Management of luxury properties in France, Greece, Italy and Cyprus. A member of the group SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY and provides services of real estate agency in the search for luxury villas, bungalow, chalets throughout the world as well as participation in auctions held by SOTHEBY’S Auction house.

13. The commercial bank HELLENIC BANK, Cyprus. Web-site www.hellenicbank.com

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