Something that unite us

Something that unite usOn April, 17th the Second Cyprian conference of the organizations of the Russian compatriots of Cyprus will take place in Nicosia.

Such meetings are a very important stage in a life of Russian-speaking residents of the island.

In December of the last year the teamwork concept has been approved for the first time: henceforth the majority of schools, clubs and circles share the information about every event and will organize holidays together. The conference will be visited by the managers of the commercial companies oriented to work with Russian-speaking clients.

Thanks to the new concept, they can take more active part in a life of Russian community of Cyprus. Chairmen of the Association of the Russian businessmen in Cyprus and the Association of Russian-speaking residents of Cyprus “Horizont” (a lot of organizations have become members of these associations) will talk about the works performed, about forthcoming events and the nearest plans.

Let us take the opportunity to congratulate all members of the Association of the Russian businessmen on Cyprus from pages of the newspaper! This week we solemnly commemorate the 15th anniversary of this honoured organization. The association has brought the significant contribution to the formation of the positive image of the Russian business in Cyprus. For the years of operation it has turned into the authoritative and influential public organization uniting and defending interests of Russians living and working in Cyprus.

Coming back to the conference work it is necessary to note that the nearest celebration uniting all organizations will be the fifth Cyprian -Russian festival. It has been planned that the major events would be held on the central quay of Limassol on June, 5th. It is estimated that this day will gather thousands of people. You can get the information about the festival program from publications in the newspaper «Vestnik Kipra».

All events (concerts, exhibitions, presentations) will be covered by the central Cyprian television channels and radio stations. The largest of them – the quazi-governmental broadcasting company CYBC (television channels RIK-1 and RIK-2, radio RIK) is the general media sponsor of the Cyprian-Russian festival.

The newspaper “Vestnik Kipra”

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