Why Cyprus

Why CyprusCyprus is the isle of love

This island has given love to humanity – ancient Greek goddess of love Aphrodite was born here. As legend has it, Aphrodite (Greek: “aphros” – foam) came out of sea-foam near a large rock in the sea named Petra tu Romiou. Tatyana says that Aphrodite stones are the trademark of Cyprus. Since the goddess made her first steps on the seashore of Cyprus, her second name was Cypris. It is only in Cyprus that you can walk down the pathways of goddess of love, where according to the legend you will inevitably meet your soulmate…

The most famous run of Cyprus has the sounding name of Fontana Amorosa: its water makes anyone, who takes a gulp of it, fall in love. One cannot help it since such is the magic power of gorgeous goddess!

Cyprus located between Turkey and Egypt /Europe and Africa/, indeed, seems to be created for wonders.

Cypriot Legend. During the full moon you should swim around the stone seven times, near which Aphrodite came out of sea-foam, and this will guarantee you eternal youth and beauty. Seems to be true: the stone is quite huge, it is not an easy task to swim around it, and regarding the fact that this shall be done seven times in cool night water you get perfect exercise together with tempering.

Cyprus is the isle of health

Why CyprusTatyana, who has been living in Cyprus for 10 years yet, believes that there are only few places on Earth with such a perfect climate. Cyprus is called the zone of ecological welfare. Mediterranean climate with warm sea air is healthy for people suffering from allergies, lung, skin, and cardiovascular diseases. It turns out that Cyprus lacks most of allergens that exist in Russia! According to doctors Cyprus is a great example of the place with amazingly healthy and favorable climate.

Tatyana gives an example: the entire abundance of Cypriot markets is the goods grown up on kitchen gardens. Potatoes of Cyprus are very tasty. They are planted in the district of Protaras, harvest is gathered here three times a year. The soil of this land is unique and is called terra rossa, and the ploughed field is of red-brown color. Potatoes grown here are big, even and clean. They valued very much, and even the queen of the UK herself orders these potatoes for her meal.

And this is not to mention what the climatic conditions of mountain group of Troodos have created! More than a half of all species of Cyprian plants is concentrated in these mountains. For instance, the forests of black pine are still growing here! The snow falls in December and March while the temperature at the seashore in these months is 25 degrees. Interesting enough that you can simultaneously be in two seasons!

FACT. People suffering from enlargement of thyroid gland get healed here without any medications or operations.

Cyprus is the isle of the sea and sun

Why CyprusTatyana once told me: “I always call Cyprus paradise in heaven. That is why “Edem” – the name of club house where you want to buy an apartment, – describes the state of soul in this island in the best way possible”. Besides, Tatyana often repeats: “Find me similar heaven in the world, where you will have 340 sunny days per year apart from everything else”. This argument is trenchant, as well as the fact that retired Britons choose Cyprus for living.

Weather of Cyprus is stable, sunny (average temperature in summer varies from +25С to +35С, and in winter – from +16С to +19С). Tatyana says that slight sea breeze turns the heat that is possible for this latitude into a permanent climat-cоntrol space.

FACT. Sea water of the resorts of Cyprus is the purest in the world! Each year governments of EU member countries submit the report to the European Committee about the quality of coastal waters at resort zones. According to annual report of the European Committee Cyprus takes the first place in the list of countries with the purest coastal water. The quality of water in Cyprus is very high during the entire swimming period.

Cyprus is the isle of the youth

The young go to Cyprus to get education. Education here has several significant advantages with the most important being geography! For example, children and young people come from all over the world for the summer international program to combine nice Mediterranean rest with mastering of the English language.

Why CyprusPrimary education is compulsory in Cyprus. Secondary education, vocational secondary education and technical education are the main parts of educational system of Cyprus. State and private institutions offer people higher education.

FACT. Foreign students make up 51% of the total number of students of Cyprus.

REFERENCE. Universities: University of Cyprus, Technical and Open University. Private universities: European University of Cyprus, Frederick University, University of Nicosia.

Institutes: Technical Institute, Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Teacher Training Institute.

Colleges: College of Forestry, Medical College, Mediterranean Institute of Management, School of Health Inspector Training, School of Tour Guide Training, Police Academy, Center of Ecological Education.

Outdoor activity is represented in wide variety. And with the fall of twilight the life in Cyprus gathers pace rather than fades down. Lots of night clubs, discos, bars and restaurants never let the young get bored.

Why CyprusCyprus is the isle of cats

One of the impressions you get when you first come to the island is the abundance of cats. During the daytime pets hide, but when the twilight falls they roam in whole bunches and families among the bushes, sit on the lanes and catch insects. They are not scared of locals since the latter treat them well. Many cats live near taverns and restaurants. They feel quite comfortable. There also exist hospices and shelters for cats.

It may seem that cats ousted entire fauna from the island except of nice donkeys. But of course it is not the case. Donkey still remains the symbol of Cyprus.

Cyprus is the isle of spirituality

Roots of Cyprian history go back by 9 thousand years to the past. Cyprus has lots of relics of the past. Particularly, Paphos, which used to be the center of ancient Greek culture, is now in the list of UNESCO World Heritage. The remains of villas, palaces, theatres and fortresses now add to the uniqueness and exclusive value of the island. Historical places of the island are used for today’s entertainments. Tatyana says that theatrical festivals and outdoor classical music concerts, which are held at the stages of ancient Roman amphitheatre Kourion of Episkopi Plain and amphitheatre and palace of Paphos are the most exciting.

Why CyprusCypriots enjoy high level of freedom of religion. The major religion in Cyprus is Orthodoxy as well as in Russia.

One can see great orthodox sanctities in Cyprus. The most popular sanctities are the Church of St. Lazarus, churches and monasteries dedicated to Blessed Virgin. Orthodox churches are everywhere in Cyprus. Locals call Kikksky monastery “the golden Christian heart of Cyprus”. Grand church keeps miraculous icon of Blessed Virgin painted (according to the legend) by St. Luke during mortal life of Virgin Mary and called Virgin Eleusa or the Merciful.

Cyprus is the isle of safety

Why CyprusCyprus has the lowest crime rate among all European countries. Cars are not equipped with alarm, houses are not locked in the evenings. There is no street crime which is why people feel safe any time of day and night.

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